Empowering communities

Just as we enable opportunities for people at home and around the world through the energy of our petroleum resources, we also enable opportunities through the energy of our people.

While the Kingdom has witnessed remarkable social and economic development in recent decades, safe, healthy, and vibrant communities remain the foundation for future progress and development.

Our community outreach programs seek to motivate people to become more active and engaged members of their communities. We strive to raise awareness of impactful issues, inspiring citizens to make positive contributions to advance the Kingdom’s progress, whether by leading a healthy lifestyle, conserving energy and water, or helping the less fortunate.

We contribute to the well-being of our communities in a multitude of ways, such as: 

John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

We have earned a reputation for diligently supporting and enhancing the health of our employees, retirees, and dependents. Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH), our health care joint venture with Johns Hopkins Medicine, delivers the best possible care for our people and contributes to the health and well-being of the people of Saudi Arabia through collaboration, research, and education.

JHAH offers a wide range of wellness and preventative health programs to improve the quality of the health care experience for employees, retirees, and their families. JHAH has introduced new technologies and programs designed to enhance patient care and treatment, including a new robotic urology surgical system, an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program, and a fellowship program to develop patient safety and quality teams. 

In 2015 JHAH launched the first Doctorate of Nursing Program in Saudi Arabia to develop advanced nursing practices. The first cohort of 13 students, including Saudis and expatriates, is enrolled in a two-year program with Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. JHAH also hosts a residency program for Saudi nursing students and collaborates with local universities on educational and career development projects.

Shamah Autism Center

In a prime example of our commitment to pioneer new services, we have completed construction of the Shamah Autism Center in Dammam — the first multidisciplinary autism center for Saudi children in the Eastern Province. In conjunction with a local special education and rehabilitation center and a U.K.-based autism school, the Center, which opened in late 2015, will fill critical gaps in the way autism is treated in the Province.  


We recently completed our project to enhance the infrastructure of Thuwal, the town adjacent to KAUST. Overall, we built two flood control channels, seven new schools equipped with the latest in smart classrooms, a medical clinic, mosques, a cultural park, roads, a sewage treatment plant and an electrical substation. The project improved the quality of life for residents and enables sustainable future growth.  

Home Ownership Program

Since 1951, our Home Ownership Program has financed more than 64,700 new homes for Saudi employees. The first phase of our South Dhahran Home Ownership Program, comprising more than 2,700 housing units, is on track for completion in 2019. A planned sustainable community, South Dhahran will meet high energy-efficiency standards and feature mosques, open green space, and bicycle and walking paths to offer a template for housing development in the Kingdom.  

Our Home Ownership Program finances homes for Saudi employees, helping create healthy, safe and vibrant communities.

Safety awareness

Numerous safety awareness campaigns and outreach programs are conducted throughout the country in schools, training institutes, shopping malls, and cultural festivals, reaching hundreds of thousands of people. We are working to improve safe driving habits through instilling knowledge, raising awareness, building emergency response capacity, and implementing technological solutions to discourage unsafe driving.