A focus on technology

Sustained investment in technology is a key enabler of our company’s long-term resilience and essential for us to realize our strategic intent of becoming the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company.

To achieve this goal, we foster a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing. By investing in new technologies, we seek to improve operating efficiencies, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and create greater economic opportunities for the people of the Kingdom.  

During 2015, we were granted a record number of patents – 123 – by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, marking significant progress toward our vision of becoming a pioneer in technology development.

We seek to create sustainable competitive advantage through the introduction of a balanced portfolio of technically feasible and commercially viable technology options — all in support of our goal to realize the greatest value from the Kingdom’s hydrocarbon resources. As part of our broader efforts to address climate change on a global scale, we are pursuing technological solutions to cut greenhouse gas emissions while also growing sustainable supplies of energy.

We collaborate with local and global centers of technical excellence to complement and enhance our own in-house research capabilities. Within the Kingdom, we have joined efforts with research universities to advance our work on new technologies for upstream and downstream disciplines, and we nurture alliances between academia and industry by engaging with leading energy service companies in research and innovation parks.

Internationally, we have productive research and education associations with world-renowned technical universities. We also invest globally in startup and high-growth companies developing technologies aligned with our vision.

Strategically located in technology hubs in key energy markets, our global research network attracts leading researchers interested in doing the best work of their careers. The network provides an environment for innovation to flourish and underscores our drive to achieve global leadership in energy-related technologies.

Investments in building our research capacity are designed to achieve a lasting competitive advantage and make us more adaptable and resilient as a company. Our dedication to pursue breakthrough technologies and generate innovative ideas is a cornerstone of our commitment to help build a secure energy future here in the Kingdom, and for people around the world.