Research centers

Utilizing our “open innovation” model, our continued investment in R&D is designed to maintain our competitive advantage and generate long-term value. Our Global Research Network, comprising three in-Kingdom research centers and eight satellite research centers and technology offices, continues to accelerate technology development to address global energy challenges and contribute to the development of a vibrant technology ecosystem in Saudi Arabia.

Aberdeen, Scotland

Our Technology Office in Aberdeen focuses on drilling and production technologies. The European arm of Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV) is located within the office, whose mission is to source and develop relationships with strategically significant and innovative energy technology companies.  

Beijing, P.R.C.

Our Beijing Research Center conducts research on chemical enhanced oil recovery and advanced seismic imaging technologies, including automated fault detection and improvements in data quality through super resolution. The results of our research are already producing cost savings and improvements in exploration and reservoir management.

The Center is also evaluating the expansion of research activities into the downstream sector in areas such as transportation efficiency, greenhouse gas management, advanced control and power systems, robotics, materials science, nanotechnology and advanced computing.

First Asia Pacific-based global research center

The center has already made significant achievements in its research into chemical enhanced oil recovery challenges as well as advanced seismic imaging.

Boston, U.S.

Aramco Research Center-Boston supports both the upstream and downstream businesses in the areas of computational modeling, advanced materials, and nanotechnology. The center is located adjacent to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Collaborative research projects with MIT faculty focus on modeling, visualization, simulation, and advanced materials. The Advanced Materials team engages with the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) to pursue research in membrane technology for gas separation and sweetening, materials for heavy hydrocarbon removal, and mesoporous zeolites for crude oil upgrading.

We have expanded the collaboration between our Aramco Research Centers in Detroit, Houston, and Boston with the MITEI to support research by two Low-Carbon Energy Centers designed to address climate change challenges. The centers bring together researchers from multiple disciplines at MIT to engage with companies, governmental agencies, and other stakeholders to further research and promote clean energy technologies to mitigate climate change.

Additionally, our Power Systems organization is leveraging this relationship through sponsorship of a multi-year consortium project entitled “Utility of the Future,” which focuses on technical and economic assessment of distributed versus centralized power generation business models. 

Daejeon, South Korea

Our CO2 Management Collaboration at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon, South Korea, is dedicated to addressing issues related to carbon management. The collaboration follows an interdisciplinary approach to innovative and cost-effective CO2 capture, storage, and conversion from fixed and mobile sources. 

Delft, The Netherlands

The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands is home to our technology office that focuses mainly on seismic processing and subsurface imaging to help us better understand the nature of our subsurface geology.

Detroit, U.S.

The R&D team at Aramco Research Center in Detroit focuses on competitive transportation solutions, improving the efficiency of current and future engines, reducing overall environmental impact, cost, and complexity of engine systems.

The Center can accommodate light-duty and heavy-duty fuels research programs and also offers full on-site integration and the demonstration of new vehicle technologies. Our Strategic Transportation Analysis Team, based in the Detroit Center, provides dynamic industry analysis relevant to our fuels research and development activities.   

Cutting-edge facilities

The 4,645 square meter Center is configured with four fuel and engine dynamometer research labs and features a vehicle lab equipped with an environmental chamber.

11 operational research centers and technology offices worldwide

A country’s ability to conduct research and development is a determining factor in its economic competitiveness and sustainability.

Houston, U.S.

Aramco Research Center in Houston focuses on upstream technologies for conventional and unconventional resources to support discovery and recovery goals.

Specific areas of research include advanced seismic imaging, unconventional productivity enhancement, smart fluids to improve well productivity, nano-based polymers, surfactants, cement technologies related to drilling operations, quantitative geology, and advanced downhole sensors. It is the largest center outside Saudi Arabia.

Paris, France

Our Aramco Fuel Research Center in Paris is located at IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPen). IFP Energies nouvelles is a public-sector research, innovation and training center active in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. Thanks to this strategic placement, we can capitalize on IFPen’s facilities and links to various European automakers to accelerate the innovation cycle of different fuel technologies.

Fuel efficiency

Areas of research are focused on the development and optimization of innovative fuel and engine systems.

Saudi Arabia

Our research network in-Kingdom includes our R&D Center and EXPEC Advanced Research Center in Dhahran, and our research center at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

Research areas at KAUST include catalyst development, materials science, nanotechnology, robotics, solar energy materials and fuel technology. The strong capabilities provided in downstream areas are complemented by our FUELCOM collaboration with the KAUST Clean Combustion Research Center.

At our headquarters in Dhahran, an expansion of the EXPEC Advanced Research Center is currently underway. The project includes construction of a new research building and laboratory to enable integrated research on sustainability technologies. When complete, the new facilities will house 850 professionals and support staff. 

New facilities for Saudi Aramco researchers

Work is underway on new research center at KAUST, integrated with the research staff and facilities at the university and positioned to capitalize on the international network of academic institutions affiliated with KAUST. The center, expected to open in 2019, will include labs and offices to support research in the areas of chemicals, intelligent systems, solar energy, reservoir engineering, computational modeling, and environmental protection.