The building blocks of many of today’s most important consumer and industrial products are contained in crude oil and gas — and Saudi Arabia is fortunate to possess both in abundance.

At Saudi Aramco, we apply business acumen, creativity and cutting-edge science to transform our crude oil and gas resources into a multitude of useful products that benefit people around the world.

This generates financial value for our company and the nation — but we do not stop there. We leverage each step in the hydrocarbon process from wellhead to market to create opportunities that produce shared value for our partners, our customers, and consumers in the Kingdom and around the globe.  

Growing our downstream business creates additional opportunities — not only for our company, but also for new businesses in Saudi Arabia while delivering reliable, sustainable energy and new chemical products to consumers around the world.

The journey from raw materials to refined products and chemicals requires major investments in strategic partnerships, infrastructure, technology and people. We continue to make the necessary investments in these areas to advance the realization of our downstream strategy and extract the utmost value from every hydrocarbon molecule we produce.

Integrating across the value chain from upstream through refining, chemicals, base oils, marketing and power generation is the key to capturing maximum value from our resources, while also diversifying risk. Integration between our domestic and global downstream facilities maximizes economies of scale while securing market share in specific high-value, high-growth markets and segments. It also helps us take advantage of real-time synergies and facilitates the transfer of best practices and operational excellence models.

Locating our refining and chemicals sites adjacent to each other and next to value parks allows us to meet domestic and international demand for our products, spurs diversification of the domestic economy and generates skilled employment opportunities. 

  • Our business

    In-Kingdom downstream

    Through a calculated mix of wholly owned facilities and joint ventures, we produce a slate of refined products and high-value petrochemicals for domestic and international consumers and industries.

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  • Our business

    Global downstream

    We continuously explore and evaluate opportunities, whether grass roots or participatory, to grow our refining and chemicals portfolio.

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