Foreign investment in local enterprises

The government of Saudi Arabia realizes how beneficial foreign investors are to the local economy.

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Doing business with us

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us – that is why we created our Electronic Contracting Network (ECN) to make contract procurement more efficient.

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International suppliers

Saudi Aramco purchases billions in goods and services each year. We partner with local contractors and our suppliers to increase their ability to compete for work and meet our requirements.

To register as suppliers or manufacturers please contact our offices based on your location

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Service Suppliers

Driven by our belief that energy is opportunity, Saudi Aramco develops the Kingdom’s crude oil and gas resources...

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Material Suppliers

Saudi Aramco for a long time is proud to have its material requirements supplied by local and international suppliers.

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New manufacturing opportunities

The goal is to satisfy Saudi Aramco supply chain demand and maximize value creation by creating strategic supplier relationships.

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Auctions & Sales

Sales of materials and equipment — other than oil and petroleum-related products — are governed by our Materials Disposal & Sales Division.

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